Food Processing

Food Processing

If there is an industry that must pander to the wishes of consumer, then Food processing tops the table. In the ever-changing world of customers requiring increasingly personalized products and services, this industry has to keep evolving to meet the “new” needs. ValBrid’s team of professionals are there to design, configure and deliver customized systems, and continue to upgrade, reconfigure, and improve the solutions to the changing requirements of customers.

In our vast portfolio, our key sectors are in Bakery, Dairy, Edible oil, Breweries, Granaries and Beverages in applications ranging from Milling, refrigeration, Oven, conveyors, Raw & waste water management, Boiler and steam monitoring and control, fermentation.

We know the importance of “look and feel” of the food grains which has to be precisely engineered to deliver in the hands of customers, the process starts with our simulation and analysts who use DEM method to infer the required particle sizes, our mechanical designers work together to design and develop the optimum mechanical parts; Electrical team designs the electrical distribution, protection circuits, layouts, selection and sizing of motors & Variable speed drives; Instrumentation, and Control & Automation engineers translate the operational requirements to control flow charts, function block diagrams.

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